The Girl Powered team is comprised of members from the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation and VEX Robotics. Together, we are committed to showing how exciting it can be to get involved with STEM, showcasing examples of how successful women are changing the world, providing tools which will enable girls to succeed, and enabling safe spaces where they can grow their confidence and abilities!

Working in the technology field surrounded by engineers for much of my adult life, I have caught myself having some of the same preconceived notions about this field that I see in young women today. I have been able to break down some of those barriers by coaching and mentoring young robotics students for the past three years.

Vicki Grisanti

Communications and Community Relations
REC Foundation

Seven years ago, a strong need for diversity in STEM sparked my interest to engage underrepresented minorities and young girls in robotics. I want girls to understand their power and play a significant role on teams – especially STEM centered activities. Girl Powered sends an influential message of inclusion and purpose to girls around the world.

Katrina Hill

Regional Support Manager
REC Foundation

I’ve been involved with VEX & FRC as a student and mentor for over 10 years. I am a part of Girl Powered because as a younger male that has also competed in VEX, I believe I can connect with the majority of our users. I want to show our community that boys are just as welcomed and important to this initiative as girls.

Dillon Row

Marketing Coordinator
VEX Robotics

Thirteen years ago, my fearless non-engineering-mother started a robotics team for me and I discovered myself. The Girl Powered initiative is so important because everyone needs to hear: “Hey, we can do this together, let me show you how STEM can change the world.” Whether you choose engineering or film, we need to magnify the endless possibilities for every boy and girl. The question is not what you want to be when you grow up, but what you want to be now.

Makenzie Gruenig

VEX Video Editor
Innovation First International

I joined the robotics community just three years ago and every day I am amazed by the passion of the students involved, especially the young women. It’s such an inspiration and I can only imagine the greatness they will bring to the world by becoming the next engineers, directors or CEOs. I only wish I had gotten involved sooner!

Veronica Bitz

Regional Support Manager
REC Foundation

Competitive robotics has been a part of my life for 16 years across multiple programs, including game design, event coordination, program management, and personal participation as both a student and mentor. I believe in the potential of introducing early STEM education equally toward both young women and men to help create a more equitable society that benefits and furthers humankind.

Amanda Morrison

Director of Operations
VEX Robotics

I have been involved with competitive robotics for over 17 years and have seen the impact that young women have had in this field. I believe competition robotics prepares women for a career in STEM whether it be an aerospace engineer or doing biomedical research, they're making a difference.

Nancy McIntyre

Community Innovation Manager
REC Foundation

I have been involved with robotics for 15 years having started as a coach and judge for FLL, and now mentoring two FRC teams in Texas. Some of the most amazing students I have mentored over the years have been women, and I want to make sure they have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Through Girl Powered, we are helping pave the way for our future generation of problem solvers.

Dan Mantz

CEO and Chairman of the Board
REC Foundation